Tips to maintain your motorbike this winter

Tips to maintain your motorbike this winter

As the temperature drops your beloved motorbikes need extra care. You need to have a proper maintenance schedule to keep your ride smooth even in winter. If you are not sure about the necessary measures you should be taking to keep your auto bike well maintained. Then no need to worry we are here to guide you in detail, regarding the tips and tricks you need to follow.

Well, we have to keep navigating the challenges due to the climate change. So we have to be adaptable to the change to make our lives easier. In chilly season our cars and motorbikes start to throw tantrums, if not taken care timely. So if you want your favorite ride to be your complaint-free companion, start the protection program with the following tips.

Keep your motorbike covered

It is important to keep your motorbike covered in winter season when not in use. As keeping your motorbike out in severe weather may build up moisture from the surrounding. This affects the battery of your motorbike. Also, it may cause the threat of corrosion leading to deteriorating the metallic parts of the bike. In order to further avoid the hassle it is better to use water repellent spray on your bike to keep the moisture at bay.

Take essential battery care

Winter season can be very harsh on the battery of your motorbike. Low temperature and moisture in the environment may affect the strength of the battery. The fluid inside the battery may also get more viscose and becomes difficult for battery to perform. Your bike requires proper flow of liquid and current for starting it, which gets difficult due to the thickened fuel. It takes longer than normal for a bike to start. Sealed dry batteries do not require maintenance and if not working properly charging it up will help. However, replacing it with a new one is an even better option.

Use an anti-freeze solution

Due to the chilly season water in radiator chills or freezes, which makes it difficult for the motorbike to work. So you need to use proper coolant to do the job. Get readily mixed coolants which is already mixed with the additives to defreeze the system.

Keep your tires maintained

I, Sarwar Pedawi always stress on how essential it is to ride on good tires, especially in winter season. This greatly helps in avoiding any incident or dodgy tractions. When it snows or rains in winter, roads are usually slippery and without having proper grip in tires, it is even risky to ride. Also, keep a tab on the air pressure and tread depth before venturing out on roads in winter season.

Wash off winter grime, dirt and salt

Frequent washing and cleaning may help in keeping your motorbike well maintained and suitable to be used in winter. A weekly scrubbing from an auto detailer or car wash near you in Karachi will help in maintaining your bike. If you find it hard from your busy schedule to visit a car wash then you may also call a mobile car wash service in Karachi. The professional from Motofix will be right at your door step to offer all the car maintenance and motorbike maintenance, according to your convenience. Without having to face the crowd or hassle of queuing at the car or bike repair service station.

Winter season is the time when your vehicle is most fragile and may cause potential damage to your bike. A regular check and maintenance from Motofix professionals will ensure a smooth time with your motorbike in winter. Please bookmark MotoFix to read more articles from Sarwar Pedawi on MotorBikes.

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