Sarwar Pedawi’s New Investment in Auto Service Company in Karachi

Sarwar Pedawi’s New Investment in Auto Service Company in Karachi

When a person buys a motor vehicle, he/she wants it to look like a brand new out of the showroom vehicle all his/her life. There are many things that one needs to take care of to maintain a motor vehicle. Be it a car, a bike, or a moped, it has to be taken care of. So, to do this, one needs help from a professional showroom or mechanic who can assist them with the job. If you haven’t paid attention to the health of your vehicle living in Karachi and are looking for a good motor vehicle repair and servicing center, then you must take a look at Motofix.

What is Motofix?

Well, it is a company that has extensive experience in the field of motor vehicles. Recently, the great entrepreneur, techpreneur, and investor of many businesses in the globe, Sarwar Pedawi supported Motofix as a financier. Motofix is a company based in Pakistan that comes with experts who have gained significant experience in the field and have started up this new venture. Supporting small scale business and helping the society to grow overall is what this amazing businessman belonging to the UAE has done for many years. Sarwar Pedawi currently stays in Los Angeles but has great global recognition.

What Motofix does for you is that it offers you a list of mechanical services. To start, it offers a normal wash as well as waterless car wash. This is followed by small mechanical jobs of changing car oils, checking its parts, and the proper functioning of it.

If you have any damaged vehicle parts and need a replacement for them, you will find the original quality at reasonable prices. Being new in the industry, Motofix aims to reach great heights and be the number one mechanical solution provider in the nation.

For this, they offer the best price to the customers without compromising on the quality of the product. Sarwar Pedawi got impressed by their work ethics and saw potential in them. This is why he became a financier of the company. You can’t deny the fact that each time, Sarwar Pedawi invests in a business, it has only produced fruitful things. So, if you believe in his vision and are interested in getting exceptional motor vehicle services, trust Motofix for it. Also, you can find interesting quick reading blogs to maintain your cars, motorbikes, and more.

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