Motorbike Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Motorbike Maintenance Tips and Tricks

The art of riding a motorbike like a pro is something everybody wants to learn, but how many of us know the secret behind is a well-kept bike? Yes! Just like any other vehicle your bike also requires proper maintenance. Scheduling regular service of your motorbike does not only give you a smooth riding experience but also gives longevity to your motorbike. Religiously following the maintenance schedule will save you from a plethora of unforeseen troubles you might face with an unkempt bike. Therefore, today we are going to share a few tips which will help you in maintaining your bikes in the best possible manner.

Know about your bike

In order to devise a proper maintenance schedule, you need to know every single detail about your bike. This is how you will be able to understand potential issues, and in turn will help you precisely in diagnosing the problem. Like all other vehicles, there are many different models of motorbikes as well. It comes with a user manual as well. It is imperative to read and understand the user manual thoroughly as every bit of information in the manual can be helpful. Further, you may also get help from the service centers for bike repair in Karachi to have complete guidance regarding maintenance and service schedule.

Regular cleaning schedule

To keep your bike in brand new condition for a longer time you need to follow regular cleaning and servicing schedule. Generally, the air filters of the bike get clogged which needs proper cleaning. The air filter plays an important role in protecting the delicate parts of your bike from catching dust and contamination. The parts of your bike may get damaged when they get directly exposed to the contamination. So, in a dusty environment, you need to get your air filter cleaned every week that is more often. You may also get your appointment booked online with bike repair service Karachi or motorcycle mechanic Karachi to avail of the service at the ease of your doorstep.

Replace coolant

The quality of your bike engine depends upon the liquid coolant. Liquid coolant helps in moderating the temperature change swiftly to prevent damage. It is advised to replace the coolant every two years. As coolant gets used with an extended pace if you subject your bike for longer mileage. This is a motorbike maintenence tip you cannot overlook at all.

Keep your brake pads maintained

By just mentioning to take care of the brake pads of your bike would rather be an understatement. As worn-out brake pads may lead you to a fatal accident. So this may help you in understanding the importance of having fresh brake pads. If your brake pads wear down to 2 millimeters or less you need to replace them instantly. So you need to check your brake pads after every 6000 to 9000 miles. Brake wear depends on your driving habits and the environment as well. Hilly and uneven roads may lead to rapid brake wear. So getting it checked timely is vital through a reliable motorcycle repair center in Karachi.

Have updated tires

Riding a bike with damaged tires may also lead to a major accident. So it is important to keep a strong check on the tires at least before any major journey. Keep eye on the signs of damage such as tears, cracks, or holes and also ensure recommended air pressure in the tire. Environmental effects also deteriorate the quality and lifespan of the tires. You should immediately replace the worn-out tire for a better ride and the road grip. Another motorbike maintenance tip you must follow.

Keep the bike chain healthy

You need to maintain and oil your bike chain regularly to prevent roughness in the gear shifting. Generally, chains last for around 18000 miles (30,000 Km) or sometimes more without having to worry about maintenance. However, it is good to keep a check on the chain tension, as an overloaded bike brings more tension on the chain. So you should accommodate accordingly.

Following these basic maintenance procedures or getting your appointment booked with a car wash or bike repair in Karachi will also greatly help you. They will take the responsibility of keeping your bike up to date while leaving you free from all the worries related to your bike.

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