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Mr. Sarwar Pedawi is a renowned techpreneur and the owner of one of the most successful incubation centers in UAE. Mr. Pedawi believes in supporting business creation and startup development, from nothing to a successful venture. Thus, he took part in building various successful businesses across the globe and also the honorable financier of Motofix Pakistan.
Possessing decades of experience in supporting startups, venture creation, bringing innovation, devising support services, regulation policies, and funding businesses worldwide- Mr. Sarwar Pedawi knows exactly how to support startups and help them in growing.
Empowering businesses help societies to grow. Supporting the founders in battling the readiness of being the leader of a large organization is what Mr. Sarwar Pedawi is passionate about. Following a critical and dynamic effect of equality being indifferent of the local boundaries will help our world to become a better place- is the vision that Mr. Pedawi carries and disseminates.