Car wash comes to you

Car wash comes to you

Every car enthusiast like myself, Sarwar Pedawi, wants to achieve the most flawless look of the car. The passion for maintaining their cars requires them to have frequent trips to the car wash or car detailers. However, this may be actually very difficult to follow due to our super busy routine. In addition to our juggling responsibilities, COVID 19 kept our busy world on hold for a long time. A severe health crisis made us all stay at home, in order to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.  The government in different countries all over the world enforced lockdown policies to curtail frequent commutation. In such a time when we rarely had to use our cars, a lot of dust and environmental contamination started getting accumulated on them. Also, due to limited usage, most of the car engines got seized too.

Develop a car maintenance routine

Irrespective of the fact, whether you are using your car too frequently or not, it does require consistent cleaning and maintenance routine. Whereas, due to the COVID, the opening time of service stations got substantially reduces that fairly aggravated the crowd as well. This made it even more difficult to wait for a long time at a service station and being absolutely uncertain about your turn even. Queuing on a car wash service station requires to completely spare a day for getting the detailed cleaning done. The idea is not even safe in the prevailing circumstances.

You must have started getting intrigued by now, about the next best alternative you may opt for instead of visiting a car wash. Therefore, without further delay, we would like to share a revolutionary mobile car wash service that has been introduced in Karachi. Generally, you have to look for the nearest car wash station for getting all the cleaning and tuning services done. No matter whether you are satisfied with the services and the prices, you have to visit that same station only to save your time and efforts.

Mobile carwash service

This revolutionary mobile car wash service by Motofix has completely transformed the car maintenance game in Karachi. Without wasting your time you can simply book a car detailer through the given app, website, or even our social media channels. By just leaving a message also will lead you to get connected with our most responsive customer care professionals. They will listen to your query to further guide you in proper detail regarding the service you should get booked.

Once the booking process is done according to your desired schedule, our auto detailers will visit you. Our experts will provide you the best car maintenance services right at your doorstep. They ensure to provide the best service that will definitely surpass your expectations. From family vehicle to high-end car, your vintage car, to a sports car, the compact city commuter or your corporate van, collectors or city buses, it is equally suitable for all. You simply have to choose your desired package from our available offers, or also you may get a customized one.

How often should you get the car detailing done?

We recommend you to get the detailing process done after every four to six months. If you are living in a city which is more polluted and dusty, then it is better to at least get it done after every four months. As environmental contamination may cause numerous problems in your car engine and also creates clogging. Your auto car detailer will ensure to bring back the showroom shine of your car that is not possible to attain by just having conventional washing services.

The man behind the revolutionary idea is the most renowned techpreneur and the owner of multiple businesses around the globe, also the financier of our business Mr. Sarwar Pedawi.

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