Beginners guide for auto detailing

Beginners guide for auto detailing

A well-kept car tends to look much more valuable and lavish than any other unmaintained vehicle. People invest plenty of time and money in buying the best cars but hardly get time to maintain it. Your car deserves much more than a conventional wash to achieve a striking look. So, in this blog post, we will be explaining to you the difference between a conventional car wash and auto detailing. You might have come across the terminology “Auto Detailing” but not really sure about how it does create a difference.

What is car detailing?

Sometimes the term car detailing is used interchangeably as carwash, which is wrong. Car detailing is much more detailed as the name itself refers. Car detailing is a process of much deeper and detailed cleaning, both from inside and out. It includes the process of cleaning the interior and exterior of the car using specialized tools and cleaning solutions.

The person who performs the job is known as a car detailer. Car detailing also includes the light touch-ups of the car, followed by a coat of wax, which gives your car the most radiant look. In some cases, specialized products are also applied to the car to enhance its overall appearance and protect the car from future contamination. This may also include removing parts of the car to get rid of the cracks and crevices.

Why should you get car detailing?

By now you might be wondering why should I be getting car detailing at all when car washing is simple, easy, and less time taking. It might seem bothering to let your car be occupied for a whole day and delay all the plans to get the boring task done. Despite the fact, it seems pretty boring and prolonged, but you wouldn’t believe that the process does worth your time. Your detailing process will renew the entire look that is not possible to achieve through the conventional car cleaning process.

Stepwise process of car detailing

This thorough cleaning process includes multiple steps paired with innovative cleaning supplies to achieve optimum results. However, different auto detailers follow different steps according to the condition of the car. If your car has been regularly washed and maintained then it might take only an hour or two to perform the entire auto detailing process. Whereas, if your car is old and haven’t seen the vacuum in ages then it might take one whole day. The process of car detailing includes two major steps: exterior detailing and interior detailing.

Interior car detailing


To begin with the interior detailing process the car is vacuumed and cleaned from the inside. All the dust, dirt, and trash is removed from the car. The entire upholstery, seats, carpets, mats, headliner, rear cargo area are also cleaned and vacuumed to prepare for the next step.

Scrubbing and brushing

In this process, specific cleaning tools and solutions are used to clean and scrub the stains from the seats, floor carpets, and mats. If there is leatherwork in the car then specific cleaning enzymes are used which are safe for that material.

Removing odor

Once the cleaning task is done thoroughly surface protection coating is applied to help in maintaining the look for a longer time. Specific protection coating is used for leather, fabric, dashboard, and car door covering. This helps in cleaning the future dirt easily and followed the process by deodorizing spray into the interior of the car to leave it smelling clean and nice.

Exterior car detailing

Exterior wash

Exterior cleaning implies the first step of removing off dust and dirt from the exterior. Stubborn dust and grim are removed by foaming the soap, to soften the dirt and lifted off from the surface. The entire washing and drying process is done by hands

Wheels cleaning

Next, wheels are cleaned and scrubbed using special brush and cleaning products. It takes plenty of time to clean the wheels in detail that also includes all the parts such as mudguard, brake calipers, nuts, etc. After cleaning the wheels first paintwork is introduced and let it rest.


In this step, a layer of polishing is done to buff away the abrasiveness onto the car’s paint and to remove the scratches and clear the coat. The layer of paint conceals the swirls and scratches on the car.

Car Waxing

Lastly, a layer of wax is coated, to give a glossy shine to your car. This coat of wax provides added protection to your car from getting abrasion or minor scratches.

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